Valérie Guy

Citadelle Manager
With this brand we can prove that Besançon has everything for people to build their own happiness. Sporting the brand in our tourism communication will necessarily have positive effects for the area, and the reverse is also true. It’s a win-win situation.

Romain Jamault

Deputy manager for training and student life at ENSMM
The more we are, the more we will be visible and the stronger the brand will become! I think today everyone will be a taker and want to build something jointly. Boosteur de Bonheur is a perfect fit with our intentions!

Élise Cardot

Communication manager at ENSMM
I’ve especially appreciated the joint construction approach. The result lends uniformity to our communication tools with the code on display, and that will help get our message across better and provide a clearer view of the territory.

Arnaud Pannier

Director, CLA
The exchanges we had in jointly creating the brand with other partners were interesting. We have common ambitions, notably our interest in collectively fostering strong values at the service of our establishments and our area.

Virginie Duede-Fernandez

curator of Musée des Maisons Comtoises
We may get together, discuss, argue, each according to our own interests, that’s how we break down barriers between our activities in order to work together.

Laurent Larger

FEMTO-ST manager
Researchers who come to work at our institute from all over the world hope to find not only a scientific environment they know because of the international reputation of FEMTO, but also a nice place to live. And it’s this asset of the area we need to highlight.