Data collection

Your data is collected by the “Besançon, boosteur de bonheur” company. Personal data is taken to mean any information concerning an identified or identifiable physical person. Identifiable is taken to mean able to be identified directly or indirectly, notably by means of a name, an identification number, or one or more specific elements peculiar to the person’s physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, financial, cultural, or social identity. Any personal information gathered from the “Besançon, boosteur de bonheur” website is used primarily by the publisher for managing relations with you and processing any orders you place with us.

Right of access to, rectification of, and delinking of your data

Everybody has a right of access to, rectification of, and opposition to their personal data. Everybody also has the right to delinking and portability of the personal data they have provided to the processing administrator. You can exercise this right by writing to us at the following address:

Besançon, boosteur de bonheur
Grand Besançon Métropole
La City
4 rue Gabriel Plançon
25043 Besançon Cedex

Grand Besançon Métropole’s GDPR manager is Christine Brulport

All requests must enclose some proof of identity in the form of a signed photocopy of a valid ID paper and state the address at which the publisher can contact the requester. A reply will be given within a month of receiving the request. This response time may extend to two months if the complexity and/or the number of requests so dictate. Since the introduction of French Act No.2016-1321 of 7th October, 2016, persons who so wish can stipulate how their data is to be dealt with after their death.

Use of data

Personal data collected on our website is used for processing orders, managing transactions and services (deliveries, invoices, after-sales) and to bring you our commercial news, either after obtaining your express consent or within the limits authorized by law. We may also use your data to fulfil legal and/or regulatory obligations. In the event of infringement of any kind implicating the parties, whereby the judicial authorities require knowledge of the gathered information, such information will be necessarily communicated to each relevant authority upon explicit request citing the reasons. Legal provisions relating to the protection of personal data are waived in such cases. When certain information is mandatory in order to access specific features of the website, the publisher shall indicate such a requirement at the data entry point.


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