Students from every horizon bring a breath of fresh air to the town, with cultural and festive momentum playing a big part in the town’s identity.

There are many young talents, balls of energy and enthusiasm, so enamoured by the town they choose to remain here—or to come back—once their degree is secured. They find plenty of opportunities with local businesses for trying out their learning, and they flourish.

Worth knowing

Besançon undeniably offers a pleasant environment to study in, with a great choice of recognized training prospectuses, reasonably priced accommodation, local services, sports and leisure amenities, easy access to a dense transportation grid for simple town centre access. And above all, nature, the framework on which the town is built!

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employees in higher education and research
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Worth discovering

With 44% of the Besançon population under 30, the town is a great place for the young to live their youth! Training in every subject, from ordinary degrees to doctorates, engineering and technology colleges, all there to meet the wants and needs of active, enterprising students. Besançon is the heartbeat of further education and research in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

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