The brand is embodied in all the actions, products & services, welcome, events, advertising, and community partnerships that bring it to life. It’s this collective commitment and the demands of everybody that will develop this area’s attractiveness through consistent, strong branding.

A shared brand at the service of the whole area

acteurs Besançon

The Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur brand is a tool at the service of all for the benefit of all. It can be sported by Grrand Besançon’s partners, be they public or private

  • Grand Besançon promotion agencies (tourist office, culture, economic promotion, sports services, etc.)
  • Economic stakeholders, especially businesses
  • Gatherings and events happening in the area
  • The brand’s ambassadors
They are partners

The partner tag

This visual device is dedicated to this initiative’s partners who want to assert their belonging to the area and associate themselves with the values that the brand upholds.

logo becançon EN

Like a paperclip, the tag goes on the stakeholder’s communication media, separate from any other partner logos. It “clips on” to the top or bottom of a page, on the edge of each format.

The tag’s colours change and adapt to the stakeholder’s graphic style for perfect integration with their various communication media.

Affiche Formarion ensmm

The ambassador badge

This visual device is dedicated to individuals who want to display their pride in belonging to Grand Besançon and become its ambassadors.

logo de Besançon

As a sticker or an e-mail signature, it acts in interpersonal communication.