Welcome to France’s most attractive town! A two thousand year old story and history and always with real pleasure! Besançon, the nature and culture destination par excellence.

photo panneau

Worth knowing

Besançon, the town with an extraordinary environment and generous nature assets, where in a few minutes you can reach wide open green spaces inside the town itself. A breath of fresh, green air for people who live in or are discovering the town, allowing them to flourish, providing a backdrop for the big events, shows, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions that enliven Besançon cultural life.

inducted into UNESCO World Heritage  icone
inducted into UNESCO World Heritage
of country walks  icone
of country walks
listed historic monuments  icone
listed historic monuments
largest conservation area in France icone
largest conservation area in France

Worth discovering

Admire the old town centre from the fortifications, wander through streets that have preserved their ancient charm, discover street art, go off on a cycling tangent or enjoy the nightlife, Besançon is brimming with unsuspected riches.

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