As a keystone in our attractiveness strategy the 3b Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur brand encodes the Grand Besançon identity, positioning it to align with Besançon assets and values, helping it stand out from other districts and regions.

3b, three objectives

The result of participative work involving all facets of attractiveness, Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur sets out to:

objectif de la marque besançon
  1. Show off all the advantages of the Grand Besançon area
  2. Unite public and private stakeholders whose activity does or has the potential to contribute to Grand Besançon’s attractiveness
  3. Develop consistent communication on attractiveness to get the area’s message across

Collective construction

Initiated in 2018, the approach has been built up in workshops with many local stakeholders invited from the public and private sector alike and representing multiple fields of activity.

co construction Besançon
  • Second half of 2018
    Definition of a shared communication position. 3 workshops, 35 entities represented
  • First half of 2019
    Creation of a brand name for the area. 4 workshops, 115 participants
  • 21st June, 2019
    The brand is launched
  • Summer of 2019
    First campaign rolling out the brand

Brand identity

The territory and its values have been the basis for creating the brand. Discover the Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur identity.


Committed stakeholders

More than just a logo, Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur is an initiative that unifies the area’s driving forces. A common thread to bring consistency to their actions.


They are partners

They are from Besançon and proud of it. They have helped create the brand and continue to bring life to 3b though their actions.

Our partners